a Strong track record of delivering and making money for investors

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Tulla Group Overview

  • Tulla Group is the Australian-owned investment group of the Maloney family. Based in Sydney, it was established in the early 1990s with an open mandate focusing on small to middle market listed companies, private equity, venture capital and debt.
  • Track record of success from building and growing many businesses, including The MAC Services Group, a mining services company that was listed on the ASX in April 2007 and sold to Oil States International in December 2010 for $651M.
  • Global investment portfolio’s in mining and resources; thoroughbred racing and breeding; venture capital; technology and property.
  • Our reputation is built on ethical dealings and longevity in the market. The breadth and depth of our global network of advisers and industry experts ensures we have access to the best people, ideas and expertise. We like to work with the founders and management teams of businesses for the bene t of all shareholders. We are patient investors and maintain the highest levels of integrity in all of our interactions.

Our Strengths:

  • Strong track record of delivering and making money for investors.
  • Unique combination of experience in investing, structuring, building and operating businesses.
  • A vast array of capital providers wanting to work with us.
  • Deep understanding of family, private and listed companies and their drivers.
  • Industry knowledge, experience and contacts.
  • Deep business, investment, political and sporting networks locally and globally. Very good at relationships in general.
  • Honest, trustworthy people widely renown and respected amongst the global business community.
At Tulla we pride ourselves on developing 360° business models for the industries in which we operate. We don’t look at any one single component of an industry. Instead, we take our time to understand every inch of the markets in which we compete, and then together, we develop strategic offerings which we are able to provide clients wuth end-to-end solutions for their specific business needs. Kevin Maloney – Chairman

Tulla Technology

Tulla Technology is the group’s technology investment portfolio primarily focused on Venture Capital. 
At Tulla Technology our strategic focus is on enterprise level software solutions for all levels of asset management.

Open Mandate

  • Open mandate targeting small to medium-sized public and private companies.
Instrument agnostic – will express view through debt, equity and/or derivatives. Absolute return focus.
  • Situations that allow us to partner with a company to add value through our unique combination of operational and financial skills (particularly our focus on leadership and culture).
  • Favour sustainable corporate ethos that promotes environmental stewardship, human rights, safety and diversity, and consumer protection.

We have an open mandate but currently see the most opportunity in:

  • Growth Capital
  • Venture Capital
  • Turnarounds

Constructive Activism

Tulla Technology acquires shareholdings of significant influence to facilitate an open dialogue with Board and Management.
We only seek situations where Management want to work with us, as we desire to be viewed as a trusted and knowledgeable partner.



Value Proposition

  • Multi-platform solutions providing clients with end-to-end asset management technologies.
  • Trusted software delivery and implementation provider for clients at all levels of the Government, Public and Private Sectors.
  • Demonstrated history in enterprise level Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivery.
  • Capacity to scale up or down to meet whatever business requirements clients may have at any given time.
  • Innovative pricing models and nancing options.
  • Experienced leadership team with multi-national corporate backgrounds.
  • Highly capitalised family owned business.
  • Global calibre organisation with global footprint offering clients a more personal, responsive and direct business relationship.